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Advantages of Computer Based Test CBT Software
Advantages of Computer Based Test (CBT) Software
Expert Tips | Posted On 4 Oct 2020

Traditional offline, pen-paper-based exams conducted by schools, colleges, universities or training institutes involve extensive manual work, which is time-consuming and lead to human error at different stages.  Even answer sheet assessments, results and grading are executed manually.

However, digital exams, centralized academic management and online assessments can be managed by the integration of computer-based tests and a precise learning management system.

What is a Computer-Based Test?

The application of computers as a source to provide the tests instead of pen and paper is known as a computer-based test or CBT in short. These tests can be delivered digitally through the Internet or utilizing specific computer systems in a precise facility.

Computer-based tests come with immense advantages when matched to conventional assessment methodologies. A CBT test is delivered utilizing computers and can also be conducted through the Internet on precise assessment platforms and Prometric testing centers.

Advantages from Computer-Based Testing Software

The computer-based testing software provides numerous advantages to schools, colleges, universities and training institutes, students, faculties, instructors, and educational programs, with respect to administration, automated grading, and scale. Here are some more gains from CBT Software solutions.

  • Exam Management

CBT Software enables time and location flexibility to the students, teachers and examination bodies, thereby reducing the overall cost, effort and expenses which are involved in the exam processes.

  • Quick Grading & Result Generation

Tests with Multiple choices, True/False, Short answers and Fill in the blanks options can be evaluated instantaneously, enabling students to swiftly view how they performed on an assessment. Even online instructors can make quick and real-time instructional modifications as per assessment regulations.

The swift grading and quick result generation frees up instructors to further focus on test feedback, which is crucial for education. The online assessment itself helps students with what they require to do in order to enhance their skills.

  • Individualized Assessments

CBT exams can be customized and personalized to individual learners in an educational institute. The level of complexity of every question can be tailored, relying on the student’s previous responses.

Some Challenges of Computer-Based Testing Software

  • Authentication of Stakeholders

Both the examinee and examiner should be precisely authenticated to secure and safeguard the computer-based testing procedures.

  • Cheating in Tests

Cheating online can always be a challenge. However, there are numerous programs and software that make CBT secure and even safer than paper and pen-testing.

How EduSec Helps with CBT and LMS in College Management System?

The integration of a Computer-based test (CBT) and a Learning management system (LMS) by EduSec enables College and University Management Solutions. Our Hybrid Learning Management System and Examination Management System at EduSec blend face-to-face and digital teaching with online exam management into one single college or university ERP system. We can facilitate half of the class sessions on the institute campus while the other students attend the classes online.

  • Stakeholders can have virtual class/meetings to facilitate interactive and collaborative studies
  • Teachers and instructors can engage with students through Virtual Classes, Video Conferencing, and Polls interior to the central system
  • Enable individual logins for students, teachers, automate attendance, allow conversations between instructors through chatting, SMS, and Emails
  • Facilitate videos, audio access, and screen sharing functionalities
  • With CBT and LMS in one single solution can enable online exam management, automated result generation & publication, automatic transcript creation and get needed access externally

Hybrid LMS solution enables improved learning outcomes, progress, performance levels, and academic accomplishments than other traditional teaching models. It assists with well-organizing e-Learning contents, provides unlimited access to eLearning materials, reduces learning expenses and time, along with a quick expansion of eLearning course materials for your students.

Moving Forward

Practical assessments systems in future will rely on precise usage and design structure to accurately measure education matrices. There is a visible rise in computer-based testing, signifying that institutions will continue with the online channels of examinations even after COVID impacts, which highlights the gains from computer-based testing tools.

With the EduSec college management system, you not only get access to the Hybrid Learning Management solution but also have a way into college, schools and university ERP systems. We provide you features, which include Course Management, Attendance Management, Examination Management, Student Registration, Employee Information System, Timetable, Documents Handling, Library, Survey, Fees, and Finance Management. There are the packs of functionalities and tools to run your college, school and university with ease.

How Covid-19 has Transformed Education Systems Globally
How Covid-19 has Transformed Education Systems Globally
EduSec | Posted On 3 Aug 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic led colleges and schools shut all across the globe. More than 1.2 billion children were out of the classrooms. As an outcome, education systems have dramatically transformed with the remarkable rise of e-learning solutions, whereby teaching and student assessments are managed remotely through digital learning platforms.

Research recommends that online learning showed a considerable boost in information sharing and takes lesser time to broadcast education materials, which means the transformations coronavirus have caused, might be here to remain.

Learning Management System (LMS) Platforms

Many learning management systems are offering access to modern educational solutions and services. They are offering a one-stop-shop for students and teachers. Further to back large-scale remote work, many platforms have deployed new cloud servers setting-up swift and rapid capacity expansions. Many platforms are even delivering curriculum-based services clubbed with e-learning solutions.

However, many people believe that without precise training, inadequate bandwidth, and modest preparation will have poor educational outcomes. Still, others even believe that the innovative hybrid model with collaborated, automated, and centralized education will mature with noteworthy benefits in the coming time.

Role of EduSec in Transforming Educational Systems

We at EduSec believe that the blend of technology in education will further speed up and that online education will ultimately turn to be an integral element of college and school education. At EduSec, we have successfully delivered college management systems, multi-campus institute solutions, and school management software from scratch. Our technology teams have even enabled integrations to our client’s traditional systems with our modernized educational offerings. Further, our learning solutions have offered a centralized approach to managing academic courses and e-Learning materials with integrated and built-in features like inquiry, payroll, finance, fees, library, and exam management.

Moving Forward

Finally, although the crisis arrived without caution and educational institutions had to be acquainted rapidly to make sure academic stability, we must take the benefits of this pandemic to analyze the educational systems that we have known to date!

Worldwide Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Education Systems
Worldwide Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Education Systems
Awareness | Posted On 27 Jul 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has immensely impacted education systems globally, leading to the near-total closures of colleges, schools, universities, and learning institutes. Most governments decided to provisionally close these educational institutions to diminish the spread of COVID-19. These closures not only impacted students, faculties, and families; however, they even had extensive financial and societal consequences.

Use of Technology and Acceptance of Online Learning Systems

In response to educational institute's temporary closures, many worldwide academic bodies recommended using online learning systems, distance learning programs, and adoption of educational platforms that colleges, schools, and teachers can utilize to reach their learners
remotely and restrict the disruption of education.

So, technology played a significant role in the partial shutdown or lockdown period, such as studying from home and work from home concept for students and teachers, respectively. In many counties, private colleges and schools successfully adopted online and digital teaching methodologies.

Centralized Education Management System

The centralized college and school management systems were used to track, handle, and monitor all activities and processes associated with a student, teacher, and administration even if these institutes were closed. The college management systems backed and supported multi-campus structure to facilitate universities, academy trusts, and educational societies to flawlessly manage all its institutes located at multiple campuses across the globe.

Moving Forward - What will be the Future of Educational Institutions

The future of educational institutions envisions digitization of all the academic and non-academic tasks with centralization and automation of education-related systems. With a vision to bring the highest value to colleges and schools, transforming the old teaching-learning environment by using integrated, blended, and centralized ERP software systems are the future for students, teachers, campus administration, and parent empowerment.

Benefits Of Using EduSec College Management System
The Benefits Of Using EduSec College Management System
EduSec | Posted On 2 Jan 2019

Technology has changed the way of management of educational institutes as we work earlier. Today, all school and colleges are in search of high-quality and easy to use ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning) which help them to improve their quality of work, secure database management, report generation according to their necessity. EduSec is such type of college management system which is developed after understanding the requirement of educational institutes. Let’s have a look at the benefits of using EduSec college management system.

Go Green: We all know that, education industry consumes more papers than other industries which leads to the cutting down of jungles and unbalancing nature on earth by increased carbon dioxide as it’s the food for trees like we know. EduSec is a web-based software that provides all the solutions related to educational institute management like, student admission, fees management, library management, employee management, timetable management, etc without using paper so your school or college can say proudly that you support the GO GREEN movement.

Database Management: Record and data management has been always a headache for colleges as all the data is scattered at different places in a bunch of files and it’s very difficult to find details of particular students or employees from those records. EduSce helps to collect all the data in one place and thus easy to maintain all the data. One can easily get their required information in seconds because he/she does not need to rush to check all the files or cupboards as earlier. Just seat on the computer and search for the student name or employee name.

Better Student Parent Relationship: It is difficult to inform all students and their parents about changing rules and regulations according to government policies. While using Edusec you can put all this information on the student or parent dashboard and make them aware of any policy change. Thus we help to avoid any unnecessary dispute with students and parents as they all know that it’s the government is going to make changes in the smooth functioning of colleges.

Account Management: Every organization wants to know from where all the funds come and go to keep an eye on this fees management module of Edusec college management system make tracking of all the fees related reports and issue. One can get reports as per requirement like how much fees collected in a day, or the total number of students who have paid the fees, a monthly collection of fees, etc. And for expense calculation Edusec has been embedded with modules like vendor management, employee salary management, etc. with required report generation.

Apart from all these benefits, there are such as Library Management, Transportation Management, Admission Management, and Time table Management, etc to ensure smooth functioning of School college management through different modules which are correlated to each other.

Educational Institutes We Empower, Enable & Manage

EduSec ERP backs and supports all types of multi-campus educational institutes to manage, track, and monitor their day to day operations right at the fingertips.

Ready to be the Next-Generation Educational Institute?

Automate, Centralise and Integrate your Institute Management and make it highly resourceful matched to any other educational suite out there!