Finance Management System

Facing Challenges in Streamlining Your Institute’s Finances Efficiently? Don’t worry - we will assist you through EduSec ERP

  • Automated Expense Management
  • Easy Petty Cash Management
  • Precise Accounts Management
  • Statutory Compliance Management
  • Assets, Receivables & Liabilities Management
  • Enable Automated Financial Reports
Effortless Petty Cash Management

Effortless Petty Cash Management

The system is designed and shaped to account for the transactions of small cash expenditures with receipts. So that the stakeholders can effortlessly handle everyday expenses and keep a precise eye on the daily cash flows.

  • Determine the petty cash fund needed, sustain eligible & ineligible expenditures, manage financial approvals & controls, designate custodian & alternate custodian and facilitate accounts payable responsibilities
  • Maintain the process security, automate data exports, avoid financial shortages, automate expense records, close and return funds with updations across accounting records

Significant Benefits of Finance Management System

The financial management system precisely automates the accounting of numerous cashbooks and links fees & expenditures with other significant modules such as Academics, Admissions, Hostel, Fees, Library, Payroll, Exams, and Record entries.


Comprehensive and seamless automation at all levels of financial operations


Enables quick SMS and Emails for every financial and payment transaction

Loans & Advances

Facilitates scholarship loans, student loans, employee loans and employee salary

System Integrations

Seamlessly integrates with external systems like SAP, QuickBooks, Tally and more

Easy Loans & Advance Salary Management

The system manages all the payments, scholarships, student & employee loans, community loans, government benefits, advances, and trims down the risk of fraudulent transactions.

  • The system enables with loans wise insights like pending loan amounts, immediate loan requirements, loan deductions and advance salaries
  • The system readily manages different donations and sustain management of asset liability transactions

Streamlined Project Management

The system facilitates all the financial transactions, operations and expenses by enabling as well as precisely managing all the information based on the diverse projects defined.

  • Enables project wise planning, budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, internal controls, disbursement and measure project wise performance with precise reports.
  • The system can help analyze project wise dues, conveyances, financial insights, advance payments, reimbursements and in keeping track of all the expenses with reports

Enable Statutory Compliance

The system enables that the employees are paid fairly for their work and the institute complies with the applicable rules & policies with automated financial reports.

  • The system facilitates employee deductions, employer contributions, TDS, gratuity, and professional tax
  • Automatedly uploads documents related to statutory compliance on government portals
  • Assists with timely execution of financial operations and payments avoiding penalties and also prevents institute to fall in legal troubles as all their processes are completely compliant

Financial Analytics & Reports

The system provides several revenue generation reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It enables reports with salaries, payables, defaulter management, reimbursements and various expenses. It also covers reports on current liabilities, assets, direct expenses, project-wise expenses, academic deposits, loans & advances and scholarships.

EduSec Features and Functionalities

With EduSec you get diverse modules, including Student Registration, Employee Information System, Attendance Management, Exam Management, Alumni Enablement, Timetable, Documents, Course, Library, Survey, Fees, and Finance Management. Here are the packs of features and tools to run your institute with ease.

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