Payroll Management System

Make your Payroll, Employee Information, Online Leaves & HRMS Automated through our EduSec ERP

  • Integrated to Financial Systems
  • Integrated to Biometric Devices
  • Employee Management
  • Online Leave Management
  • End-to-End Payroll Solution
  • HRMS Dashboard, Analytics & Reports
Error-free Solution for Employee Information Maintenance

Error-free Solution for Employee Information Maintenance

The employee details can be systematically and efficiently be stored and maintained in our Payroll Management System, thereby facilitating the administration to sustain and organize all types of employee information that can be viewed, inspected, and used whenever needed.

Employee Allotment Details

This includes Employee ID Card, Employee Login Credentials, Personal Email, Institute Details, and Profile Status.

Display Profile Information

This includes Employee Department, Employee Type, Designation, Category, Documents, Joining Details, Experience Details, Qualification, Personal Details, Notes, Subjects, Library, Attendance, Feedback System, Salary and Hostel Information.

Significant Benefits of Employee Management System

Our software is equipped for automating manual employee management tasks from every hire to retire operational tasks, taking complete control of employee's experience at each and every stage of the employee journey.

Organize Database

Build employee profiles quickly, upload documents securely, and search needed information.

Smart Access

Smartly restrict who can explore your staff database based on their defined roles and needs.

Set Policies

Effectively configure your employee policies at the institute, department, and staff role levels.

Enable Feedback

Manage feedback systems and set templates for confirmation as well as exit interviews.

Never Get Stuck With Leave Management

The admin can easily fix earned leaves, CSLs, and paid leaves right in the system assigning in employee groups or as per office premise. Classify leave categories and precisely set the leave cycle.

  • Enable your credit policy with automated set-up and updates with leave policies
  • En-cash the paid leaves, automate leave balance or carry forward your leaves, maintaining the minimal leave balance
  • Integrate leave management with student’s time table and automate status of staff on leave and notification of approved temporary faculty

Trim Down Workload on Payroll Admin

Our software has made payroll smarter, integrated, and straightforward, leaving no room for errors. Our payroll system is integrated into Financial Systems, Biometric Devices, Attendance Management, Payoffs, and PMS.

  • We enable employee components, salary structure, salary verifications, solve payroll queries, facilitate compliances and taxes through a single payroll system.
  • We activate payroll as per the institute's financial year and precisely schedule the recurring payroll applicable to a calendar date.

Highly Customized HRMS Dashboard

Our software enables HRMS dashboards with graphical presentation and analytics of department wise employees, category wise employees, monthly and daily attendance with integrated leave applications. It also offers statistics of employer & employee contributions and salary wise insights with TDS, PPF and Tax information.

Highly Customized HRMS Dashboard

Don’t Worry About ID Card Reports

Employee ID card is a unique identification for every employee, and the institute can generate tailored ID cards for all their staff members through our software.

  • ID card reports offer information on the cards issued, not yet issued, and the overall status percentage to keep records.
  • ID card reports also analyze the issued status by employee id, attendance card number, employee personal details, his department, and designation.
ID Card Report

EduSec Features and Functionalities

With EduSec you get diverse modules, including Student Registration, Employee Information System, Attendance Management, Exam Management, Alumni Enablement, Timetable, Documents, Course, Library, Survey, Fees, and Finance Management. Here are the packs of features and tools to run your institute with ease.

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